Monday, June 27, 2011

NLSA Nova 2.2c Portable

                                                               بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    حصريا برنامج هديه لكل محبى الخرائط والاستكشاف مثل برنامج جوجل ايرث الجديد ولكن مع الفارق ان هذا البرنامج من انتاج وكاله ناسا وكمان هذه النسخه بورتابل اى انها لا تحتاج الى تفعيل ولا غيره ومش هيتقفل باذن الله 
بالاضافه الى ان هذا البرنامج اصبح الاكثر استخداما على مستوى العالم حيث تستخدمه العديد من الهيئات الحكوميه فى العالم نظرا لدقته 
والان اضغط هنا لتحميل البرنامج
          Nova for Windows has become the most popular Windows-based satellite tracking program in the world. In use by NASA, the U.S. Air Force, industry, and thousands of amateur radio operators, Nova sets the standard for excellence. Nova includes realistic maps that are shaded to show vegetation, topography, and ocean bathymetry. Satellite positions are shown with accompanying ground tracks,
 orbital paths, and star background
Fast, accurate real-time tracking information for an unlimited number of of Earth-orbiting satellites.

Full-color 3-D maps. See Nova for Windows' image gallery.

Built-in autotracking for turning az/el antennas.

Control antennas with the computer joystick

Super-simple updates of Keplerian Elements... AMSAT or NASA 2-line format.

One-click updating of Keplerian elements via the internet (HTTP & FTP). Can be completely automated for regularly scheduled updates.

Automatic time setting via the internet

Easy-to-use frequency display.

Capture maps and save them to disk, or e-mail to someone else

Automatic sound alarms for satellite AOS, TCA, and LOS.

Information-rich graphics + text satellite tracking screens.

Also tracks the Moon, Sun, planets, cosmic noise sources, and cold sky. Displays the star background, too

Context-sensitive online Help available at all times. You can preview the entire Help file if you want to.

Exceptional speed and accuracy using James Miller's Plan-13 or T.S. Kelso's adaptation of SGP4/SDP4 tracking algorithms.

Full implementation of Escobal's fast rise-set algorithm for nearly-instant AOS/LOS calculations.

Complete listing capability for printed output of future passes, mutual windows, two-satellite mutual visibility, satellite eclipses.

Sophisticated fully-editable or automatic "Script Tracking" for scheduling future passes of multiple satellites. Nova for Windows can priority-autotrack dozens of satellites  

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