Thursday, March 31, 2011

اصوات الطبيعه الخلابه Natural Ambience

                                                                   بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In a world that is increasingly becoming filled with stressful sounds and noises people everywhere are discovering the Healing benefits of sound therapy, just look in your local department store where you will find large selections of Sound Machines that recreate Nature Soundscapes . The problem with some of these machines is that the quality of the sound is usually poor due to the fact that they are cheaply made, whereas your standard PC sound card is capable of CD quality audio. Natural Ambience takes advantage of this fact to dynamically recreate high quality Nature Soundscapes on any standard PC that has a soundcard.
Nature Soundscapes contain natural ' white noise' that relax the brain and mask out unwanted background sounds i.e. traffic, neighbors, office noise, baby crying,  etc. 
Features include:
1.      High quality digital Soundscapes with dynamic random variations.
2.      Background Music option plays relaxing tracks mixed in with Soundscape.
3.      Advanced sound engine that's  low on Processor usage.
4.      Background operation allowing you to continue working.
5.      Intuitive and simple interface designed for easy use.
6.      Separate volume settings for each Soundscape.
7.      Visually attractive user interface ( Screenshot ). 
8.      2 hours of background ambient music included.  
9.      10 skillfully crafted Soundscapes:
  • 1.      Tranquil Stream
    2.      Deserted Beach
    3.      Tropical Jungle
    4.      Thunder Storm
    5.      Majestic Waterfall
    6.      Summer Night
    7.      Winter Rain
    8.      Relaxed Heartbeat
    9.      Sacred Chant
    10.  Whale Song
System Requirements:
  • PC running Windows 95/98/Me/XP/NT
  • DirectX
  • Sound Card 

برنامج اكثر من رائع يستخدم فى الخارج فى العلاج الطبيعى حيث يشتمل هذا البرنامج على اجمل اصوات الطبيعه التى تجعل الاعصاب اكثر استقرارا وهدوا
*اذاكنت تعانى من التوتر العصبى
*اذا كنت تجلس على الكمبيوتر لساعات طويله 
*اذا كنت تعمل فى وسط ضوضاء ولا تستطيع تحمله 
*اذا كنت طالب وتذاكر لساعات طويله
الحل الامثل لكل هذا هو هذا البرنامج الاكثر من رائع



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