Wednesday, January 20, 2010

اقسام الميكروبيولوجى departments of microbiology

                                                                        بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

كثير لا يعرف اقسام الميكروبيولوجى او تقتصر معرفته على اقسام قليلة ولا يعلم انه عالم كبير وهنا ايضا بعض من اقسامه

Microbial physiology:

The study of how the microbial cell functions biochemical. Includes the study of
microbial growth, microbial metabolism and microbial cell structure

Microbial genetics:

The study of how genes are organized and regulated in microbes in relation to their
cellular functions. Closely related to the field of molecular biology.

Medical microbiology:

The study of the pathogenic microbes and the role of microbes in human illness.
Includes the study of microbial pathogenesis and epidemiology and is related to the study of disease
pathology and immunology.

Veterinary microbiology:

The study of the role in microbes in veterinary medicine or animal taxonomy.

Environmental microbiology:

The study of the function and diversity of microbes in their natural
environments. Includes the study of microbial ecology, microbial-mediated nutrient cycling,


microbial diversity and bioremediation. Characterization of key bacterial habitats such
as the rhizosphere and phyllosphere, soil and groundwater ecosystems, open oceans or extreme
environments (extremophiles).

Evolutionary microbiology:

The study of the evolution of microbes. Includes the study of bacterial
systematic and taxonomy.

Industrial microbiology:

The exploitation of microbes for use in industrial processes. Examples include
industrial fermentation and wastewater treatment. Closely linked to the biotechnology industry. This field
also includes brewing, an important application of microbiology.


The study of airborne microorganisms.

Food microbiology:

The study of microorganisms causing food spoilage and food borne illness. Using
microorganisms to produce foods, for example by fermentation.

Pharmaceutical microbiology

the study of microorganisms causing pharmaceutical contamination and

Oral microbiology:

the study of microorganisms of the mouth in particular those causing caries and
periodontal disease

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