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    and this is the Complete version for the same author
    Publisher: McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math

    Number Of Pages: 496

    Publication Date: 2001-07-24

    The classic resource for undergraduate microbiology laboratoryMicrobiological Applications: A Laboratory Manual in General Microbiology the ideal lab manual. Appropriate for either a majors or non-majors lab course, Benson assumes no prior organic chemistry courses just keeps getting better. The self-contained, clearly illustrated exercises and four-color format make Benson's course has been taken.
    The best feature of this lab manual is its style and organization. It is not just readable, it is thorough…. It is comparable to the best lab manuals I have used or read.”
    —William Coleman, University of Hartford
    The high demand for nurses and other medical professionals has resulted in a dramatic enrollment increase in nursing schools and colleges who offer medical training. All these students are required to pass a course in microbiology, which tends to trip up many students. The proposed book will demystify the complex topic of microbiology in a way that students will gain the necessary skills required for several different branches of the medical profession.
    A brief, clear, thorough, and highly enjoyable approach to clinical microbiology, brimming with mnemonics, humor, summary charts and illustrations, from AIDS to “flesh-eating bacteria” to ebola, mad cow disease, hantavirus, anthrax, smallpox, botulism, etc. Excellent Board review.
    This microbiology laboratory manual is designed especially for the non-majors, health science microbiology courses. The organization reflects the body systems approach and contains specific sections on clinical diagnosis. 36 exercises and 43 experiments cover a broad range of topics.
    Basic Techniques of Microbiology
    Orientation to the Microbiology Laboratory
    The Microscope
    Handling and Examining Cultures
    Microsopic Morphology of Microorganisms
    Hanging-Drop and Wet-Mount Preparations
    Simple Stains
    Differential Stains
    ram Stain
    Acid-Fast Stain
    Special Stains
    Cultivation of Mircroorganisms
    Culture Media
    Streaking Technique to Obtain Pure Cultures
    Pour-Plate and Subculture Techniques
    Culturing Microorganisms from the Environment
    Destruction of Microorganisms
    Physical Antimicrobial Agents
    Moist and Dry Heat
    The Autoclave
    Chemical Antimicrobial Agents
    Antimicrobial Agent Susceptibility Testing and Resistance
    Diagnostic Microbiology in Action
    Principles of Diagnostic Microbiology: Culture of Clinical
    Specimens, Identifying Isolated Microorganisms, Antigen
    Detection and Nucleic Acid Assays
    Primary Media for Isolation of Microorganisms
    Some Metabolic Activities of Bacteria
    Activities of Bacterial Enzymes
    Principles of Antigen Detection and Nucleic Acid Assays
    for Detection and Identification of Microorganisms
    Microbiology of the Respiratory Tract
    Streptococci, Pneumococci, and Enterococci
    Haemophilus, Corynebacteria, and Bordetella
    Clinical Specimens from the Respiratory Tract
    Microbiology of the Intestinal Tract
    The Enterobacteriaceae
    Clinical Specimens from the Intestinal Tract
    Microbiology of the Urinary and Genital tracts
    Urine Culture Techniques
    Neisseria and Spirochetes
    Microbial Pathogens Requiring Special Laboratory
    Techniques; Serological Identification of Patients'
    Anaerobic Bacteria
    Mycoplasmas, Rickettsiae, Chlamydiae, Viruses, and Prions
    Fungi: Yeasts and Molds
    Protozoa and Animal Parasites
    Serological Identification of Patients' Antibodies
    Applied (Sanitary) Microbiology
    Bacteriologic Analysis of Water
    Bacteriologic Analysis of Milk
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